Evaluation of an Artificial Retina in Rodent Models of Photoreceptor Degeneration

  • Sherry L. Ball
  • Machelle T. Pardue
  • Alan Y. Chow
  • Vincent Y. Chow
  • Neal S. Peachey


In many retinal disorders, the photoreceptor layer degenerates while inner retinal layers are spared (Eisenfeld et al., 1984; Flannery et al., 1989; Stone et al., 1992; Santos et al., 1997). Based on evaluation of patients with photoreceptor degeneration, the inner layers retain some capacity to transmit and process visual information (Humayun et al., 1995,Humayun 1996). Consequently, replacing the photoreceptor layer with healthy retina or an “artificial retina” could restore vision in affected individuals. This objective has been approached by: transplantation of adult photoreceptors (Gouras et al., 1994; Silverman and Hughes, 1989; Huang et al., 1998), embryonic retina (Humayun et al. 2000; Juliusson et al. 1993; Seiler and Aramant, 1998; Seiler et al. 1999), or full thickness retina (Aramant et al., 1999; Ghosh et al. 1998; Seiler et al. 1995) or by implantation of electrodes onto the retinal surface (Eckmiller, 1999; Grumet, et al. 2000; Humayun et al., 1999) or an electronic device into the subretinal space (Peachey and Chow, 1999; Zrenner et al., 1999; Chow et al., 2001a,Chow et al., 2001b).


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