A Pathway to the Climactic Period: A Ceremonial Center

  • Stanley South


The search for the remains of the 1670 Charles Towne settlement on Albemarle Point was sponsored by the South Carolina Tricentennial Commission as a preliminary step in the development of the site as a tourist attraction (Figure 6.1). The discovery of the 1670 fortification ditch for the settlement revealed the fact that the planned exhibition hall was to be located directly over the junction of the north and west fortification ditches on the site. At a meeting of the Tricentennial Commission Bob Stephenson and I strongly recommended that this not be done, and that the exhibit pavilion be located 700 feet further toward the north. Fortunately, the Commission voted to move the planned pavilion to the new site, but we would need to conduct exploratory archaeology to determine if any cultural resources would be revealed archaeologically that should be mitigated before construction was undertaken. The commission agreed to fund exploratory archaeology on the new site.


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