Equilibria: Experimental Procedures and Examples

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How often have we been told that a new study has shown that something we have believed or have been doing is not correct and has been conclusively refuted, only to find out six months or a year later that the “new” study was not correct. Recently, there were many articles published in which it was claimed that eggs should not be eaten because of the risk of elevating the levels of cholesterol in the blood. More recently, it was reported that some eggs would not be harmful. Before this, it was announced that all cholesterol was bad and a move was in place to try and reduce its presence in serum to the lowest levels possible. The cholesterol found in serum has since been shown to be composed of several different types and that there is a need for some in serum. This recantation or evolution of theory is not a new phenomenon but has probably existed ever since mankind began. Take for instance the different models used for the universe. The first models used for the universe put the earth as a flat plane with the stars circling around it. Some cultures put the plane of the earth resting on the back of a turtle. The Greeks believed the earth to be round but they also believed it was the center of the universe with everything revolving around this center. As recently as the first part of the 1900s a static model was used to represent the universe. Even Einstein believed, when he first proposed the Theory of Relativity, that the universe was not changing.


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