Custom Power Devices: An Introduction

  • Arindam Ghosh
  • Gerard Ledwich
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The concept of custom power was introduced by N. G. Hingorani [1]. Like flexible ac transmission systems (FACTS) for transmission systems, the term custom power (CP) pertains to the use of power electronic controllers for distribution systems. Just as FACTS improves the reliability and quality of power transmission by simultaneously enhancing both power transfer volume and stability, the custom power enhances the quality and reliability of power that is delivered to customers. Under this scheme a customer receives a prespecified quality power. This prespecified quality may contain a combination of specifications of the following
  • Frequency of rare power interruptions.

  • Magnitude and duration of over and undervoltages within specified limits.

  • Low harmonic distortion in the supply voltage.

  • Low flicker in the supply voltage.

  • Low phase unbalance.

  • Frequency of the supply voltage within specified limits.


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