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pp 187-202

The PUPS-MOSIX Environment: A Homeostatic Environment for Neuro- and Bio-informatic Applications

  • Mark A. O’NeillAffiliated withDept Psychology, Newcastle Univ
  • , Gully A. P. C BurnsAffiliated withHedco Neurosci Bldng, USC
  • , Claus C. HilgetagAffiliated withInt’l Univ Bremen

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Computational analyses of biological data can be formidably complex. This complexity leads to computations which may have a lifetime of days or even weeks. In order to support these computations, a novel computing environment inspired by biological principles, PUPS, has been implemented. PUPS provides mechanisms for parallelisation of, dynamic interaction with, and homeostatic protection of, such computations. PUPS has been used to implement a variety of applications including the CANTOR network processor, the DAISY automated insect identification system and a number of geographical information systems (GIS), and neuro- and bio-informatic tools. Some familiarity with the UNIX operating system and its programming tools is required in order to write PUPS applications. The PUPS environment is freely available in both source and binary forms from the PUPS website: http.//chasseur. usc. edu/pups.

Key words

homeostasis persistent computation organic computing neuroinformatics bioinformatics