Nutritional value and safety of processed fruit juices

  • D. A. T. Southgate
  • I. T. Johnson
  • G. R. Fenwick


The consumption of fruit juices has increased rapidly in the United Kingdom during the last decade, while the consumption of fresh fruit has been relatively stable. In addition to its effects on the statistical importance of fruit and fruit products in the diet, this increased consumption has also been largely responsible for the increased intake of vitamin C over the period in question. In the report of the UK National Food Survey committee for 1986, fruit juices were purchased by 29% of households during the survey period and the consumption was on average 190g/person per week (UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 1987). Since then consumption has increased at a slower rate and has been relatively constant over the past three years; in 1992 it was 222 g per person per week (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 1993). It is therefore appropriate to consider the nutritional composition of these products in a text on their production. This chapter also considers the nutritional role of fruit juices with particular reference to the United Kingdom and issues of food safety that relate to fruit juices.


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