Effectiveness of Tanning Procedures

  • Jan C. van der Leun
  • H. van Weelden


The widespread habit of tanning light-skinned people with ultraviolet radiation is controversial. The tanning industry could not exist without a broad demand from their customers. On the other hand, there are many experts who emphasize the damage done to the skins of these customers. These opposing forces have resulted in regulations for tanning equipment, which also set some restrictions on what can be done in tanning salons. The ultimate measure, to forbid this entire business, was not taken in any country, as far as I know.


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  • Jan C. van der Leun
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  • H. van Weelden
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  1. 1.EcofysUtrechtThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Dept. of DermatologyUniversity Medical CenterUtrechtThe Netherlands

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