Family Esperiopsidae Hentschel, 1923

  • Rob W. M. Van Soest
  • Eduardo Hajdu


Esperiopsidae Hentschel (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida) is revived and limited to sponges with the combination of possession of mycalostyles and lack of an ectosomal skeleton. The styles are united in tracts which form an isodictyal reticulation or an irregular anastomosing system. Microscleres if present include palmate isochelae, exceptionally anisochelae, and sigmas. The possession of forceps is reported but considered dubiously proper. The family is probably closest to Mycalidae, with which it is usually associated, and which shares the palmate chelae and mycalostyles. However, most Mycalidae have an elaborate ectosomal skeleton and most chelae are anisochelate. The family is predominantly recorded from temperate and colder waters.


Porifera Demospongiae Poecilosclerida Mycalina Esperiopsidae Amphilectus Esperiopsis Semisuberites Ulosa 


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