Family Hymedesmiidae Topsent, 1928

  • Rob W. M. Van Soest


Hymedesmiidae Topsent (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida) is revised substantially to form a new concept within Myxillina for sponges with hymedesmioid or plumose skeletal arrangement in combination with the possession of arcuate chelae and smooth diactinal ectosomal megascleres. The formerly employed family Anchinoidae is here merged with a former concept of Hymedesmiidae, because no clear line can be drawn between the hymedesmioid and the anchinoid skeletal architecture. The family is close to Crellidae, sharing hymedesmioid and/or plumose skeletal arrangement and the possession of areolated porefields, but differs in lacking the surface specialization of tangentially arranged acanthoxeas and -styles. Ten genera and two subgenera, of 34 nominal genera, are considered valid. The species described as Lissopocillon dendyi Ferrer-Hernandez, 1916 is assigned to Phorbas and because the combination Phorbas dendyi is already occupied by P. dendyi (Topsent, 1913) a new name Phorbas ferrerhernandezi n. sp. is here proposed.


Porifera Demospongiae Poecilosclerida Myxillina Hymedesmiidae Acanthancora Hamigera Hemimycale Hymedesmia Hymedesmia (Hymedesmia) Hymedesmia (Stylopus) Kirkpatrickia Myxodoryx Phorbas Plocamionida Pseudohalichondria Spanioplon 


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