Family Raspailiidae Hentschel, 1923

  • John N. A. Hooper


Raspailiidae Hentschel (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida), including Euryponidae Topsent, contains 60 nominal genera of which 19 are valid (one incertae sedis), with 7 subgenera, and approximately 270 named species worldwide, mainly from shallow waters and a few from abyssal depths. Species have a typically hispid surface, with genera differentiated mainly on the basis of three morphological characters: skeletal architecture ranging from axial compression to reticulate, plumo-reticulate or plumose skeletons; the presence or absence of a specialized ectosomal skeleton (apomorphic for the family, whereby small ectosomal megascleres form bouquets surrounding the longer choanosomal or subectosomal megascleres that penetrate the surface); and geometric modifications to echinating megascleres (with about 15 distinct morphologies recognised). Five new subfamilies are established, based on geometry of echinating megascleres and skeletal structure.


Porifera Demospongiae Microcionina Raspailiidae Amphinomia Aulospongus Axechina Cantabrina Ceratopsion Cyamon Cyamoninae subfam. nov. Echinodictyinae subfam. nov. Echinodictyum Ectyoplasia Endectyon Eutypon Hymeraphia Lithoplocamia Plocamioninae subfam. nov. Plocamione Raspaciona Raspailia Raspailiinae Rhabdeurypon Thrinacophora Thrinacophorinae subfam. nov. Trikentrion Waltherarndtia 


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