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Family Euplectellidae Gray, 1867

  • Konstantin R. Tabachnick


Euplectellidae Gray (Hexactinellida, Lyssacinosida) is revised to contain 27 genera in three subfamilies: Euplectellinae (with seven genera: Euplectella, Acoelocalyx, Chaunangium, Docosaccus, Holascus, Malacosaccus and Placopegma), Corbitellinae (12 genera: Corbitella, Atlantisella gen. nov., Dictyaulus, Dictyocalyx, Hertwigia, Heterotella, Ijimaiella gen. nov., Pseudoplectella, Regadrella, Rhabdopectella, Symplectella and Walteria) and Bolosominae subfam. nov. (eight genera: Bolosoma, Amphidiscella, Neocaledoniella, Caulocalyx, Hyalostylus, Saccocalyx, Trachycaulus and Vityaziella). Several of these genera were transferred from other hexactinellid lyssacinosan families: Symplectella (previously in Rossellidae), Placopegma, Chaunangium and Caulocalyx (all previously in Leucopsacidae).


Porifera Hexactinellida Euplectellidae Euplectellinae Corbitellinae Bolosominae subfam. nov. Acoelocalyx Amphidiscella Atlantisella Bolosoma Neocaledoniella Caulocalyx Chaunangium Corbitella Dictyaulus Dictyocalyx Docosaccus Euplectella Hertwigia Heterotella Holascus Hyalostylus Ijimaiella gen. nov. Malacosaccus Placopegma Pseudoplectella Regadrella Rhabdopectella Saccocalyx Symplectella Trachycaulus Vityaziella Walteria 


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  • Konstantin R. Tabachnick
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  1. 1.Department of Bottom FaunaInstitute of Oceanology of Academy of Sciences of RussiaMoscowRussia

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