Alcohol and Other Drugs of Abuse

  • John R. Hubbard
  • Robert P. AlbaneseJr.


Substance abuse is an extremely common problem that frequently goes undiagnosed and untreated. Neglect of substance abuse problems can significantly impact on multiple aspects of a patient’s health, and may lead to significant family, social, and legal problems. Drugs of abuse can (i) produce signs/symptoms that resemble other medical illnesses, (ii) lead to or worsen other general medical problems and (iii) can lead to or worsen other psychiatric illnesses. The problems caused by specific substances of abuse vary between patients and depends on multiple factors such as the specific drug(s) abused, amount and frequency of use, health status of the patient, and psychological state of the patient.


Withdrawal Symptom Relapse Prevention Withdrawal Syndrome Blood Alcohol Concentration Legal Problem 
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