Precipitation Enhancement

  • Yair Goldreich


The potential annual water supply of Israel is about 2.3 billion m3. Functionally, Israel uses more than its potential by over pumping its underground water reserves. Israel has exploited almost all of its possible water sources and must seek alternatives. By increasing sewage water recycling, water economy and better water utilization additional amounts for agriculture, industry and domestic use may be made available. Other possibilities include, importing water (e.g. from Turkey) and brackish and seawater desalinization. Another potential water source is rainfall enhancement. We will address two methods of rainfall enhancement: 1. Rainfall augmentation by cloud seeding; 2. Mixing the Mediterranean Sea surface layer to maintain its autumn high temperature and thus, promote air instability and enrich humidity to enhance rain.


Heat Storage Cloud Condensation Nucleus Droplet Growth Seeding Line Cloud Seeding 
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