Coatings and Adhesives

  • Philip J. Chenier
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Having treated three major end uses of polymers in the last three chapters, we now present the last two general areas of polymer use, coatings and adhesives. These are quite large areas of the chemical industry. The size of the coatings industry is best estimated by NAICS 325510, Paints and Coatings, which had 1998 U.S. shipments of $18.7 billion. The increase in this segment is graphed in Fig. 19.1 along with the three main subdivisions of the industry, Architectural Coatings (NAICS 3255101), Product Finishes for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) (NAICS 3255104), and Special Purpose Coatings (NAICS 3255107). It is 4% of Chemical Manufacturing, which is higher than that of fibers.


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