Nearly everyone who has seriously thought about the evolution of technology over the next few hundred years has come to the same conclusion: We live at a crucial point in history — an incredibly exciting and frightening point; a point that is stimulating to the point of excess, intellectually, philosophically, physically and emotionally. A number of really big technologies are brewing. Virtual reality, which lets us create synthetic worlds equal in richness to the physical world, thus making the Buddhist maxim “reality is illusion” a palpable technical fact. Biotechnology, allowing us to modify our bodies in various ways, customizing our genes and jacking our brains, organs and sense organs into computers and other devices. Nanotechnology, allowing us to manipulate molecules directly, creating biological, computational, micromechanical, and other kinds of systems that can barely be imagined today. Artificial intelligence, enabling mind, intelligence and reason to emerge out of computer systems — thinking machines built by humans. And advances in unified field theory in physics will in all likelihood join the party, clarifying the physical foundation of life and mind, and giving the nanotechnologists new tricks no one has even speculated about yet.


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