Intra-Operative Radiofrequency Heat Ablation for Hepatic Tumours

  • R. Havlik
  • V. Usatoff
  • F. Serracino Inglott
  • M. Athanassiou
  • K. Serracino Inglott
  • E. Abo-El-Nazar
  • J. P. Nicholls
  • N. A. Habib


Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) utilises electrical energy in a similar way to electrocautery. The probe itself does not heat up, but the conversion of electrical current to thermal energy by ionic agitation causes proteins to denature and results in coagulative necrosis. This occurs when tissue temperature exceeds 45°C for more than 3 minutes. The current is delivered to tissues by means of a thin active electrode which is completely insulated except at its distal end.


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  • V. Usatoff
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  • F. Serracino Inglott
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  • M. Athanassiou
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  • K. Serracino Inglott
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  • E. Abo-El-Nazar
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  • J. P. Nicholls
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  • N. A. Habib
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  1. 1.Liver Surgery Section, Department of Surgical Oncology & Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College of ScienceTechnology and Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital CampusLondonUK

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