Timelines of Underwater Archaeology

  • John D. Broadwater
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The history of archaeology underwater is inextricably associated with the history of marine technology, for it is through the equipment and techniques of diving and underwater work that archaeology under water is made possible. The following timelines describe a few of the literally hundreds of milestones in the evolution of diving, marine technology, and deepwater archaeology. Undoubtedly, some readers will take issue with one or more of the entries in these timelines. Fortunately, the Historical Diving Society USA (HDS-USA) pointed significant errors in the draft, then helped put things to right. The discipline of underwater archaeology owes a debt of gratitude to the HDS, an international organization of loyal and scholarly volunteers who are preserving the history of the technology of diving. The timelines in this chapter will have served their purpose if they provide the reader with a better understanding of and appreciation for the remarkable inventors and their creations that allow us to confidently venture into the water, seeking evidence of our past that would otherwise never be revealed.


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  1. Historical Diving Society: For further information on research into various aspects of diving history, consult Historical Diver Magazine, the official quarterly publication of the Historical Diving Societies of Canada, Germany, Mexico, Russia, South East Asia and the Pacific, and the U.S.A. For information, see the Historical Diving Society USA Web Site, which has links to all other international historical diving organizations: Also see References in Chapter 38 for more information.

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