Architecture and Protocol

  • Martin Maier


In this chapter, we specify our metro WDM network architecture and MAC protocol. Based on the results of the previous chapter, we propose a logical single-hop network embedded on a physical star WDM network using an AWG as central hub. In Section 5.1 we first list several requirements of networks in general and metro networks in particular, which we account for in our network design. In Section 5.2 we present the network and node architecture which makes use of the components introduced in Chapter 1. Prior to describing the architecture we explain the underlying principles. Specifically, we discuss what happens when different light source signals are fed into the AWG. We discuss how they can be used for building an efficient and cost-effective network and node architecture. After fixing the architecture we address the dynamic on-demand assignment of wavelengths. Section 5.3 explains the MAC protocol in detail and outlines how the following network requirements are satisfied [Mai01b][Mai01a][MRW02].


Data Packet Code Division Multiple Access Forward Error Correction Control Packet Spreading Sequence 
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