The AMBIT Approach - Stage I

  • Harinder Singh Jagdev
  • Jimmie Browne
  • Attracta Brennan


Chapter Objectives: The purpose of this chapter is to show the reader the linkage of the business goals, expressed in terms of the organisation’s critical success factors (CSFs) to the manufacturing strategy by means of the measures of manufacturing performance (MOMPs). Having read this chapter, the reader should become familiar with:
  • • The AMBIT performance measurement framework, based on three axes as follows:
    • º The manufacturing business processes axis based on the extended organisation model of manufacturing systems.

    • º The macro measures of competitive performance axis based on five macro measures namely cost quality, flexibility, time and environment.

    • º A classification of manufacturing systems axis based on a typology of manufacturing systems. In our case we will use the customer order decoupling point based typology.

  • • The derivation of strategic performance indicators (SPIs) and associated measures of manufacturing performance (MOMPs).

  • • The development of the generic MOMP map.

  • • The customisation of the generic MOMP map.

  • • The derivation of the specific MOMP map.


Organisational mission organisational vision CSFs AMBIT performance measurement framework SPIs MOMPs customer order fulfilment vendor supply design co-ordination co-engineering technical systems transformations time cost quality flexibility environment capital goods commodities fashion goods durables jobbing shop batch production repetitive production mass production customer order decoupling engineer-to-order (ETO) make-to-order (MTO) assemble-to-order (ATO) make-to-stock (MTS) generic MOMP map particularisation and specific MOMP map 


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