Overview of the AMBIT Approach

  • Harinder Singh Jagdev
  • Jimmie Browne
  • Attracta Brennan


Chapter Objectives: The purpose of this chapter is to stress the importance of the manufacturing strategy in the development of a competitive edge and to document the reasons for developing the AMBIT approach. Having read this chapter, the reader should become familiar with:
  • • Porter’s five competitive forces.

  • • The importance of the manufacturing strategy. Performance of the manufacturing function influences the strategic direction of a manufacturing organisation. Therefore, it is vital that there be compatibility between the manufacturing strategy and the business strategy.

  • • World class manufacturing.

  • • The extended enterprise and its relation to Porter’s model, the value chain, CIM and the total product cycle view.

  • • The concept of extended products.

  • • The reasons for the development of the AMBIT approach.

  • • How the AMBIT approach has been developed to fulfil the support formalisation required by managers.

  • • The basic outline of the AMBIT approach.


Manufacturing strategy customer order fulfilment design coordination co-engineering extended enterprise virtual enterprise extended products value chain product cycle view Porter’s competitive forces investments world class manufacturing formalisation performance measurement and the AMBIT approach 


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  1. 9.
    We have used this simplistic model of the Extended Enterprise for the AMBIT. We could equally have used a more sophisticated model, for example Figure 3.8 earlier that includes the recycling.Google Scholar

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