Performance Measurement

  • Harinder Singh Jagdev
  • Jimmie Browne
  • Attracta Brennan


Chapter Objectives: All high-performance organisations, are, and must be, interested in developing and using effective performance measurement and performance measurement systems, as it isonly through such systems that these organisations can maintain their high-performance. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the reader to performance measurement and some of the performance measurement systems which are currently available. Having read this chapter, the reader should become familiar with:
  • • The Performance Measurement Process.

  • • The difference between traditional performance measurement and contemporary performance measurement systems.

  • • The TOP approach.

  • • The TOPP approach.

  • • The ECOGRAI approach.

  • • The PMQ approach.


Performance Measurement Traditional performance measurement systems contemporary performance measurement systems performance measures TOP TOPP ECOGRAI Balanced Scorecard PMQ business processes 


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  1. 4.
    A set of performance measures for each of the macro business processes are given in Appendix A. For each of these business processes, the measures have been sub-divided using the macro measures of performance time, cost, quality, flexibility and the environment.Google Scholar
  2. 5.
    The strategy of the organisation reflects the direction in which management believe the organisation should move.Google Scholar
  3. 6.
    See chapter 3 (Figure 3.8) for a typical extended enterprise model and a discussion on the notion of extended enterprise.Google Scholar
  4. 7.
    We will use a modified version of this approach in AMBIT. See Chapter 4.Google Scholar
  5. 8.
    We will discuss manufacturing typology in detail in Chapter 4 (Section 4.3.3.).Google Scholar

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