Fuel Cells and the Future of Motorization

  • Kazimierz Lejda


Petroleum as main raw material to production of practical fuels in car engines, is not source of renewable energy. Besides, in result of fuels combustion produced from petroleum (petrol, diesel oil) are emitted pollutants to earth’s atmosphere. Therefore in automobile concerns are realized intensive development works, aiming to diminution of fuel consumption and restrict of issue pollutants. Alternative sources of energy to drive cars, which would be able to take place with success of petroleum derivative fuels also are searched. Fuel cells are doubtless of these solutions, which can in nearest future to revolutionize drive systems in car vehicles.

In article kinds of fuel cells and their principle of operation has been described. Physical-chemistry parameters of these cells are also compared. In recapitulation prognosis for fuel cells- in context development of motorization in the future has been formulated.


Fuel cells alternative fuels motorization car engines 


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  • Kazimierz Lejda
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