Collaborative Decision Making

An environmental case study
  • Tanja Urbančič
  • Marko Bohanec
  • Branko Kontić
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This chapter presents a method for supporting collaborative decision making with groups of people having different backgrounds and varying levels of expertise. A method of multi-attribute decision modeling is proposed for such situations. An experiment was carried out in which the participants were involved in collaborative decision modeling to choose a location for low and intermediate level radioactive waste disposal The results show that due to the well-defined procedures the participants were able to produce complex decision models that were evaluated by the experts as reasonable and relevant. This opens new perspectives in the practice of environmental decision making and confirms the applicability of collaborative multi-attribute decision modeling to a wide range of demanding real-world domains.


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  • Tanja Urbančič
  • Marko Bohanec
  • Branko Kontić

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