Spin and Charge Order in The Vortex Lattice of The Cuprates: Experiment and Theory

  • Subir Sachdev


I summarize recent results, obtained with E. Dernier, K. Park, A. Polkovnikov, M. Vojta, and Y. Zhang, on spin and charge correlations near a magnetic quantum phase transition in the cuprates. Static charge order coexisting with dynamic spin correlations has recently been observed around vortices in slightly overdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ (J. E. Hoffman et al., Science 295, 466 (2002)), and neutron scattering experiments have measured the magnetic field dependence of static spin order in the underdoped regime in La2-δSrδCuO4 (B. Lake et al., Nature 415, 299 (2002)) and LaCuO4+y (B. Khaykovich et al. cond-mat/0112505). Our predictions provide a semi-quantitative description of these observations, with only a single parameter measuring distance from the quantum critical point changing with doping level. These results suggest that a common theory of competing spin, charge and superconducting orders provides a unified description of all the cuprates.


Spin density wave charge density wave superconductivity vortex lattice 


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