Heavy Particle Collisions

  • Francis F. Chen
  • Jane P. Chang


The collisions between ion-ion, ion-neutral, and neutral-neutral are heavy particle collisions. These species all have much lower temperatures compared to the electrons, thus move much slower compared to the electrons. The important heavy particle collisions are:
  1. 1.

    Resonant and non-resonant charge transfer

    Resonant charge transfer is important in producing fast neutrals and slow ions, that would modify the overall chemical reactivity of plasma towards the surface.

    A+ + A → A + A+

    Non-resonant charge transfer can take place between unlike atoms/molecules or between an atom and a molecule.

    A+ + B → A + B+

    Figure 11 shows the non-resonant charge transfer between N+ and O, while several non-resonant eharge transfer reactions between oxygen molecule and atom are important in an oxygen plasma.



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