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Soft-Frozen Dairy Desserts

  • Robert T. Marshall
  • H. Douglas Goff
  • Richard W. Hartel


Soft-frozen dairy desserts appeal to many consumers because of their creamy and smooth texture. These dessert products are typically frozen on the retail premises from manufactured and distributed mix and are consumed in the soft frozen state soon after being prepared, without hardening, in the form of cones, sundaes, parfaits, banana splits, milkshakes, and related items. Soft-frozen desserts became popular in the 1950’s and remain popular with customers of shops focusing on these products and in fast-food style restaurants. Less capital is needed by the retailer to get into the soft-serve ice cream business than to make and sell hard-frozen ice cream. Although vanilla is by far the most common flavor, chocolate, strawberry and other flavors can also be found. Recently there has been increasing interest in coffee-based desserts. Opportunities to add flavored syrups and/or mix-ins have greatly increased the consumer’s options for soft-serve products. Soft frozen desserts include ice cream, light or lowfat ice cream, ice milk, frozen custard and frozen yogurt.


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