Scheduling in Distributed-Memory Multicomputers

  • Sivarama Dandamudi
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This chapter presents the hierarchical scheduling policy for distributed-memory multicomputers. It is based on the basic hierarchical task queue organization we introduced in Chapter 4. However, task movement and scheduling as well as communication overheads are different from those in the shared-memory systems discussed in the last chapter. Thus, we use a different workload model that takes the increased communication costs into account. We compare the performance of the hierarchical policy with a space-sharing policy and a time-sharing policy.


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    This chapter is based on “A Hierarchical Scheduling Policy for Distributed-Memory Multicomputer Systems” by S. P. Dandamudi and T. K. Thyagaraj, which appeared in IEEE Int. Conf. High Performance Computing, Bangalore, India, December 1997, pp. 218–223. © 1997 IEEE.Google Scholar

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