Sixth Cluster

Consistent Style and the Need to Integrate
Part of the The Plenum Series in Adult Development and Aging book series (SSAD)


On the surface the four images constituting this small cluster do not look alike.1 Enchanted Sicily is quite closely based on the photograph that served as its starting point and retains its natural space and recognizable objects; it seems to avoid all suggestion of stylized vision. Fruit Tree and Colors preserve much of the shape and rhythms of the persimmon leaf picture, while giving the surface a stylish consistency. Temple Cluster, on the other hand, transforms its flat, arid model into a bare suggestion of a lush, deep landscape with a flowing river. Granted, they are all three-dimensional to some degree, but that is not the quality our cluster analysis says they share.


Eating Disorder Masterly Integration Brush Stroke Olive Green Mustard Yellow 
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