Spatial Coherences of Seismic Data and the Application to Characterization of Stochastic Heterogeneities



After passing through the interior of the Earth, seismic waves carry information about medium heterogeneities to the surface. The data observed on the surface, such as the travel time and amplitude fluctuations, reflected waves, etc., can be back-mapped to the subsurface by inversion methods to obtain characteristic descriptions of the mediums heterogeneities. With good data coverage, seismic tomography, which is a deterministic method, can in principal invert the observed wavefield on the surface to obtain the 3-D velocity distribution of the subsurface medium. However, when the medium has multiple-scale, complex heterogeneities, deterministic methods often fail to give a complete characterization of the heterogeneities. Commonly, broadband heterogeneities are dealt with by smoothing both the observed wavefield and the heterogeneity model of inversion. In this way the information of small-scale heterogeneities is lost in the process and therefore the obtained image can only recover the slowly varying, large-scale heterogeneities.


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