Heterogeneity of the Uppermost Mantle Inferred From Controlled-Source Seismology



Seismic investigations of the Earth’s velocity structure have revealed a rather complex image of the Earth, exemplified by velocity perturbations of several percent over scales ranging from centimeters to thousands of kilometers (Figure 11.1). Reflection seismic data often show a “layered”, reflective lower crust (Mooney and Meissner, 1992) with velocity inhomogeneities up to 10% (e.g., Sandmeier and Wenzel, 1986; 1990; Levander and Holliger, 1992). The spatial distribution of lower crustal impedance fluctuations seems to obey fractal scaling laws over a scale range of at least 0.1–1 km (Hurich, 1996; Hurich, this volume). At the crust/mantle boundary (Moho) the scale of heterogeneity seems to change rapidly.


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