Estimation Error in Statistical Distribution

Soil Hydraulic Parameters
  • Miroslav Kutílek
  • Miroslav Krejča
  • Jana Kupcová-Vlašimská


Let us denote all materials we are dealing with in agriculture as agricultural materials without distinction between their nature and origin. When we use this term, we suppress at this level whether they form a part of ecological environment, or that they are produced by natural processes in the field, or if they are products of food processing. The solution of transport and transformation processes in agricultural materials belongs to the main tasks of the recent research. For the solution of relevant equations we have to know the physical characteristics of the materials, as e.g. diffusion coefficient, thermal conductivity, hydraulic conductivity etc. It is rarely possible to determine them exactly, i.e. in experiments where the boundary conditions are exactly defined and kept during the experiment and where the studied material is stable and homogeneous in time and in the domain of the experiment. The procedure of the experiment has to be formulated in accordance with physical laws governing the process. Since all conditions are rarely met, various types of approximate steps are used for the estimation of the required characteristics. In the estimates, two types of errors are combined: Error due to approximate character of the applied method, and error due to the low precision of our instruments.


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  • Jana Kupcová-Vlašimská
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