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This chapter introduces several implementations of Mobile IP. This chapter focuses on only a few of the most important implementations, rather than covering all of the existing implementations. These implementations are important as these together cover almost all the crucial issues arising in mobile IP context such as the issues of route optimization, security, handoff, scalability, compatibility, dependence on network supports, and resource utilization. In this chapter, you will see the approaches that have been adopted by these implementations to address these issues. The implementations considered in this chapter are:
  • • Dynamics from Helsiniki University of Technology [61]

  • • MosquitoNet from Stanford University [13], [14] [42]

  • • Solaris Mobile IP from Sun Microsystems [64], [67]

  • • Cellular IP [35]

  • • The Internet Mobile Host Protocol (IMHP) [ 104], [ 110]


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