Environmental Legislation and the Economic Impact on Intensive Hog Rearing Operations from the Perspective of Enteric Pathogens of Concern to Human Health



Livestock operations in Canada are primarily governed under provincial acts and regulations and/or local municipal by-laws. The Fisheries Act is the main federal act that addresses pollution from agricultural operations (OMAF 2000). The Fisheries Act states that fish-ways may not be damaged or obstructed and prohibits dumping of potentially harmful substances (including fertilizer, pesticide runoff, fuel, manure, and suspended solids) into waterways that are or may be frequented by fish. There is no federal act that regulates issues specific to intensive livestock operations (ILO). Provincial legislation and approaches to regulating ILO have been thoroughly described in previous reviews (OMAF 2000; Caldwell & Toombs 2000; AAFRD 1998).


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