Source Control and Point of Entry Treatment at a Massachusetts Site

  • Christopher G. Mariano


A release of gasoline to the environment occurred as a result of historical operation of a gasoline dispensing facility. The release was discovered upon removal of the UST system, when the owner of the USTs ceased operation of the facility. The site is located in an interim wellhead protection area for a PWS well and in close proximity to numerous private water supply wells. Assessment activities identified soil impacts proximate to the gasoline UST system and ground water impacts in both the overburden and fractured bedrock. Remediation consisted of source removal and point of entry treatment to eliminate human exposure through contaminated water supplies. In some cases where bedrock ground water is impacted, the best approach is to actively address the source and the receptors, relying on natural attenuation, if possible, to address the bedrock ground water located between the source and the receptors.


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