Effects of Periodontal Therapy on Circulating Oxidative Stress

  • Takaaki Tomofuji
  • Daisuke Ekuni
  • Manabu Morita
Part of the Oxidative Stress in Applied Basic Research and Clinical Practice book series (OXISTRESS)


Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by oral bacterial infection that can lead to tooth loss in adults. In the periodontal tissue, host cells produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) as the initial defense against bacterial pathogens. However, when periodontitis develops, ROS produced in the periodontal lesion diffuse into the bloodstream, which alters the oxidative/anti-oxidative balance (oxidative stress) in blood, and this may damage multiple organs. Thus, systemic increases in oxidative stress following periodontitis are detrimental to systemic health. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that periodontal therapy decreases oxidative stress within the oral cavity. Therefore, it is possible that periodontal therapy offers beneficial effects on both periodontal and systemic health by decreasing oxidative stress. In this chapter, we summarize the effects of periodontal therapy on circulating oxidative stress levels. We also discuss the possibility of periodontal therapy decreasing the risk of systemic diseases in periodontitis patients.


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This work was supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (24593153) from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan.


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