Mitigating Global Warming Using Planetary Engineering

  • Greg Matloff
  • C Bangs
  • Les Johnson


It is a strange time on Planet Earth. For the first time in humanity’s recorded history, we no longer can feel totally secure in Mother Nature’s “balmy nest.” There are simply too many of us, and we all desire to live well. As far as we know, humanity is the first terrestrial species with the technological power to alter Earth’s global environment in a measurable way. We seem to be in a tight fix of our own making. Can we do anything about it?


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Further Reading

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  2. If you would like technical information on the interaction of solar electromagnetic radiation with natural aerosol particles in Earth’s atmosphere, an excellent reference is K. Ya. Kondratyev, Radiation in the Atmosphere, Academic Press, NY (1966). Many books deal with parameters controlling natural and pollutant aerosol atmospheric residence time – one is Laurent Hodges, Environmental Pollution, 2nd ed., Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, NY (1977).Google Scholar
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  4. Research on urban albedo modification is summarized by Hashem Akbari, H. Damon Matthews, and Donny Seto in “The Long-Term Effects of Increasing the Albedo of Urban Areas,” Environmental Research Letters, Volume 7, Number 2 (2012), which is available online at: (accessed Nov. 23, 2013).

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