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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut


It seems that coconut is one of those ingredients you either love or hate. We’re split on it ourselves, with one of us loving it enough to make Mounds/Almond Joy a favorite candy and the other despising it. Why do some people so vehemently hate coconut?

Coconut grows on trees in tropic and sub-tropic environments. We’ve all seen cartoons where the coconut falls from the tree onto the head of an unsuspecting passerby. It’s not actually a nut, as the name suggests, but really a fruit, or more precisely, a drupe. It has numerous uses, from making candies to the characteristic coconut aroma of sunscreen. Although its use in sunscreen may very well be to invoke the image of the tropics, it turns out that coconut oil is a good skin moisturizer. It’s made mostly of lauric acid (a 12 carbon saturated fatty acid), a relatively short-chain fat that penetrates the skin more readily than longer-chain fatty acid chains.

When you think of coconut in candy, you probably think first of Mounds and...


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