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As we pull into the yard of Fat Toad Farm in central Vermont, we can hear the goats bleating off to the right, either in the barn or off in the field grazing. Dogs and chickens run free in the yard.

We’re here to visit their cajeta production facility. Cajeta is a goat milk caramel used either as a sauce over ice cream, as a spread on toast or cookies, or as an ingredient in other recipes. Traditional Mexican cajeta is made with goat’s milk, although some recipes call for a mixture of goat and cow, probably to mitigate the distinctive flavor of goat’s milk.

To make cajeta, fresh goat’s milk is sweetened with sugar and heated in a kettle. Usually, a small amount of baking soda is added too. Sometimes starch is added to enhance thickening. Flavors can be added either during the cook or afterwards to enhance the cajeta. Vanilla or coffee beans can be added during the cook to infuse the batch with flavor. Solid bits are filtered off before bottling. Alcohol can be added as well. If added...


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