A Glimpse of Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena

  • Ricardo Simpson
  • Sudhir K. Sastry


In this chapter, you will become familiarized with thermodynamics and transport phenomena concepts. In addition, you will be able to carry out some simple calculations, but most importantly, you will understand the language of chemical and bioprocess engineering.

You will be exposed to the most important building blocks of process engineering—a synthetic preview and understanding of the concepts of thermodynamics and transport phenomena. Because an extensive background in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology is not a prerequisite for this material, this preview will be mostly qualitative, with the exception of ideal gases. Because you have already been tested with somewhat tricky problems, at this stage, we will present several of the same types of problems, but they will focus on ideal gases and their application to chemical and bioprocess engineering. Ideally, we will impart to you a greater appreciation of the power, scope, and potential of your future profession. One of the beauties of process engineering is its diversity.

This chapter is focused mainly on describing and exemplifying thermodynamics and transport phenomena. Therefore, around 15 conceptual questions and 20 challenging quantitative problems on ideal gases are included.


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