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  • Anthony W. H. Chan
  • Alberto Quaglia
  • Beate Haugk
  • Alastair Burt
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The liver exhibits only a limited repertoire of morphologic changes in response to a wide variety of infectious, metabolic, immune-mediated, circulatory, or neoplastic injuries. Many such changes are neither pathognomonic nor specific and may be caused by a variety of disorders; however, recognition of the principal pattern(s) of injury is central to making a clinical diagnosis. By systematic examination and interpretation of the morphologic changes, together with correlation of clinical, biochemical, serologic, and radiologic, information, an accurate pathologic diagnosis, or at least differential diagnoses, normally can be achieved.


Intranuclear Inclusion Neoplastic Change Lobular Inflammation Macrovesicular Steatosis Ductular Reaction 
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  • Anthony W. H. Chan
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  • Alberto Quaglia
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  • Beate Haugk
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  • Alastair Burt
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  1. 1.Prince of Wales HospitalThe Chinese University of Hong KongHong KongChina
  2. 2.Institute of Liver StudiesKing’s College HospitalLondonUK
  3. 3.Department of Cellular PathologyRoyal Victoria InfirmaryNewcastle upon TyneUK
  4. 4.School of MedicineThe University of AdelaideAdelaideAustralia

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