Impedance of Porous Electrodes

  • Andrzej Lasia


In the industrial applications of electrochemistry, the use of smooth surfaces is impractical and the electrodes must possess a large real surface area in order to increase the total current per unit of geometric surface area. For that reason porous electrodes are usually used, for example, in industrial electrolysis, fuel cells, batteries, and supercapacitors [400]. Porous surfaces are different from rough surfaces in the depth, l, and diameter, r, of pores; for porous electrodes the ratio l/r is important. Characterization of porous electrodes can supply information about their real surface area and utilization. These factors are important in their design, and it makes no sense to design pores that are too long and that are impenetrable by a current. Impedance studies provide simple tools to characterize such materials. Initially, an electrode model was developed by several authors for dc response of porous electrodes [401–406]. Such solutions must be known first to be able to develop the ac response. In what follows, porous electrode response for ideally polarizable electrodes will be presented, followed by a response in the presence of redox processes. Finally, more elaborate models involving pore size distribution and continuous porous models will be presented.


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