Time-Resolved Phonon Spectroscopy and Phonon Transport in Nanoscale Systems

  • Masashi YamaguchiEmail author
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 128)


Length scale-dependent phonon interaction is a key concept for the fundamental understanding of thermal transport in nanoscale materials. Thermally distributed phonons with various wavelengths belong to various transport regimes in nanoscale materials depending on the relative size of wavelength, mean-free-path vs. characteristic sizes of nanoscale materials. In this chapter, first a brief review is given on the phonon dispersion measurements using conventional scattering experiments and their limitations. Then a recently developed acoustic transport experiment is described. The method uses tunable acoustic source in GHz–THz frequency range which is excited by using ultrafast pulse shaping technique. Frequency-dependent mean-free-path and group velocity directly at the frequency range where phonon wavelength becomes comparable to the size of the nanoscale materials.


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