Theories of Phonon Transport in Bulk and Nanostructed Solids

  • G. P. SrivastavaEmail author
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 128)


In this chapter we outline the theories that are usually employed for phonon transport in solids. In particular, we provide a detailed description of the essential steps in deriving the lattice thermal conductivity expressions within the single-mode relaxation-time approximation. Explicit expression for various phonon scattering rates, in bulk and low-dimensional solids, have been provided. Numerical evaluation of scattering rates and the conductivity expressions is detailed using both Debye’s isotropic continuum scheme and a realistic Brillouin zone summation technique based upon the application of special phonon wavevectors scheme. Results of the conductivity are presented for selected bulk, superlattice, and nanostructed systems. Based on such results, we briefly discuss the concept of phonon engineering of high-efficiency thermoelectric materials.


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I wish to thank my past and present Ph. D. students and postdoctoral fellows for their contribution towards the development of the subject matter presented here. Special thanks to Ceyda Yelgel for careful reading of the manuscript. This work has been supported by EPSRC (UK) through the grant number EP/H046690.


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