The Ovarian Endometrioma: Clinical Setting and Ultrasound Findings

  • Stefano GuerrieroEmail author
  • Silvia Ajossa
  • Cristina Peddes
  • Maura Perniciano
  • Bruna Soggiu
  • Jasjit S. Suri
  • Luca Saba
  • Gian Benedetto Melis


Ovarian endometrioma is defined as a pseudocyst arising from growth of ectopic endometrial tissue. The typical features of endometriomas are diffuse low-level internal echoes (“ground glass”) in the absence of particular neoplastic features and with a clear demarcation from ovarian parenchyma. Several studies report very high values of specificity with values of sensitivity usually ranging from 87 to 77 %.


Endometriosis Endometrioma Ovarian neoplasm Imaging Ultrasound Flow chart Ovarian mass 


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