Healthcare and Biomedical Technology in the 21st Century

pp 19-57


Science, Pseudoscience, and Not Science: How Do They Differ?

  • George R. BaranAffiliated withCollege of Engineering, Temple University
  • , Mohammad F. KianiAffiliated withDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Temple University
  • , Solomon Praveen SamuelAffiliated withOrthopedic Surgery Bioengineering Laboratory, Albert Einstein Medical Center

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Many news stories related to health and the environment introduce and describe scientific concepts which may be unfamiliar to the reader. Often, the stories draw conclusions based on the scientific or technical concepts that were presented, with the result that the reader is left to rely on a correct interpretation of the concept by the writer. Similarly, many marketing and advertising claims for health-related products rely on anecdotal evidence, rather than on the outcomes of controlled research.