Endoluminal Ultrasound

  • Donald G. Kim
  • W. Douglas Wong


  • Equipment used for endoluminal ultrasonography includes a handheld endocavitary probe with rotating transducer which acquires a 360° image. Most investigators use a B-K medical scanner with a rigid handheld type 1850 rotating probe and a 7- or 10-MHz transducer (B-K Medical, Wilmington, MA).

  • Transducers of 7 and 10 MHz provide a focal length of 2–5 and 1–4 cm, respectively, rotating in a 90° scanning plane at 4–6 cycles/s to obtain a 360° radial scan of the rectal wall and surrounding structures. Because of its superior near-image clarity, the 10-MHz transducer is preferred.

  • Rectal imaging requires a latex balloon covering the transducer for acoustic contact.


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