Constipation and Functional Bowel Disorders

  • Madhulika G. Varma
  • Brooke H. GurlandEmail author


  • Prevalence in North America estimated between 2 and 27 %.

  • Complaints of constipation are two to three times more common in women than men.

  • Of 2,004 patients evaluated by transit study at three European tertiary referral centers for intractable constipation, 92 % were women.

  • The incidence of constipation increases with age, and it is higher in nonwhites than whites, in people from a lower socioeconomic and educational status, and in the southern USA.

  • The Rome criteria for constipation are as follows:
    • Less than three bowel movements per week

    • Straining more than 25 % of the time

    • Hard stools more than 25 % of the time

    • Incomplete evacuation more than 25 % of the time

  • When utilizing the standardized definitions of the Rome criteria, the prevalence of constipation in North America is estimated at 15 %.

  • The Bristol Stool Scale is a visual representation of stool form and helps to subtype functional bowel disorders (Fig. 32.1).


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