Trauma of the Colon and Rectum



  • Reduction of colon-related mortality from about 60 % during World War I.

  • 40 % during World War II.

  • 10 % during the Vietnam War.

  • Lower than 3 % in the last few decades.

  • The abdominal sepsis rate has remained significant at about 20 %.

  • No other organ injury is associated with a higher septic complication rate than colon injury.

  • In patients with colon injuries with a Penetrating Abdominal Trauma Index (PATI) >25 or with multiple blood transfusions, the incidence of intra-abdominal sepsis is as high as 27 %.

  • In patients with destructive colon injuries requiring resection, the reported incidence of abdominal complications is about 24 %.


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