Pelvic Floor Disorders

  • Patrick Y. H. LeeEmail author
  • Guillaume Meurette


  • Pelvic floor disorders are a continuum of a disease processes resulting from the loss of pelvic floor support.

  • Although these diseases are commonly believed to afflict primarily women, the ease of examination of the pelvic floor in women makes the identification of pelvic floor disorders easier in women than in men.

  • Anatomical differences in the size of the genital hiatus between the sexes also make women more prone to pelvic floor prolapse.

  • Epidemiologic studies on pelvic floor prolapse suggest that it is a disease that will become more prevalent as the population ages.

  • Despite the incomplete knowledge on the etiology of pelvic floor laxity and prolapse, surgical management is one of the most important modalities in the repair of the pelvic floor in women.


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