Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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  • There are over 25 diseases primarily spread by sexual means with an annual incidence of approximately 15 million cases in the USA.

  • Site and route of infection determine the symptoms caused by STDs. Infections of the distal anal canal, anoderm, and perianal skin are similar to lesions in other parts of the genitalia and perineum caused by the same organisms. These infections are typically the result of anal receptive intercourse.

  • Proctitis from sexually transmitted organisms is almost always acquired from anal intercourse.

  • Current estimates are that less than 2 % of adult males regularly practice anal receptive intercourse while between 2 and 10 % participate in homosexual activity at some point in their life. Between 5 and 10 % of females engage in anal receptive intercourse “with some degree of regularity,” and females appear to be more likely than men to have unprotected anal intercourse.


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